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McAfee Global Threat Intelligence

Security-as-a-Service gives more than cost-savings

McAfee brings cloud computing to our customers with advance technologies that will minimize that gap in security and reduce update time to the local area network.

Global Threat Intelligence file reputation Technology

Integrated into McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection solutions, McAfee Global Threat Intelligence file reputation Technology is always-on protection that uses signature and behavioral-based scanning to reduce exposure from unknown threats. Global Threat Intelligence file reputation quarantines and blocks threats in real-time and closes any protection gap in your security. Feel secure knowing that Global Threat Intelligence file reputation is keeping your users continuously protected from advanced threats even before the signature is developed—anytime, anywhere.

Rumor Technology

McAfee Rumor Technology uses file-sharing intelligence to distribute security updates within a network. The peer-to-peer technology-based "Rumor" permits McAfee McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection installed agents to share anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall product updates and upgrades with one another across a local area network - saving bandwidth, management time and money associated with security.

The installed McAfee agent works through proxy servers and firewall where McAfee's Rumor technology works to broadcast security updates via exponential relay throughout the internal network - thus increasing the speed of installation and updates as well as lower bandwidth utilization.